10 Must-Have Free Apps for iRacing (2024)


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iRacing is compatible with many third party apps, all of which are designed to make your experience better. Let’s see which will help you out on track the most.

  • Written By Cabhan Budd
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10 Must-Have Free Apps for iRacing (2)

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  • May 9, 2023

iRacing is an excellent platform for on-demand, high-speed sim racing. On top of that, there are so many extra services that can make the experience even better. While some of these are paid services, such as the wealth of setups that we offer here at Coach Dave Academy, there are some excellent services that are available for free! In this article, we’ll discuss some of the must-have apps that can make iRacing just that bit more awesome for you.

What are iRacing apps?

Apps for iRacing are essentially mods. They do a variety of things, however, each has a common goal: to improve your iRacing experience. The way that they do this varies from app to app; some will be cosmetic, some will be aural, and some will be in the feeling of the car on the track. You’ll find these listed on a variety of websites, with some on their own sites and others on sites such as GitHub. However, the main question that comes from this bit is “how do I install them?”

Most of the apps on this list don’t require much in the way of installation. It’s typically just a matter of downloading them and opening them. Most apps can also be set to open when starting up your computer too, meaning you can just get up and go racing. This is the same in iRacing itself. Some of these tools use the Telemetry feature in iRacing to get the data they need to run, others just run within themselves. Either way, you’ll definitely want to go through the iRacing folder in your PC’s Documents folder every once in a while, some of these apps will really eat up your storage.

Coach Dave Delta

Do you want an easy way to download and install new iRacing setups and data every week? Well, Coach Dave Delta‘s your answer.

Coach Dave Delta comes at no extra cost to Coach Dave Academy iRacing Setup Subscription members, and after an easy setup process, you’ll be able to use the app to install iRacing setups in a few easy clicks. All you need to do is navigate to the top left corner of the Coach Dave Delta interface and choose the iRacing logo, which will then take you to a list of all the series you can download setups, Motec data and replays for.

From here, you can use drop-down menus to select your desired car and then install your Coach Dave Academy content. Updated every week, Coach Dave Delta allows you to keep your setups up to date hassle-free.

Trading Paints

If you ask anybody on iRacing what “that one app” is that everyone should have, it’s Trading Paints. iRacing’s in-engine system for paints is a good starting point when it comes to making something that feels personalised, however Trading Paints is that next step up. You can access it through their website, where you can also set up which paints you wish to run on your cars. It also, importantly, allows you to download the paint schemes of all of your rivals while you race. Want to race your McLaren MP4-30 in Papaya Orange against someone in a Ferrari F2004 livery? With Trading Paints, that’s a very real possibility!

VRS Telemetry Logger

The Virtual Racing School’s Telemetry Logger is a great way to track your progress as a driver with comprehensive details about your driving in each session you startup. It works both online and offline, meaning that you can make use of iRacing’s downtime to test out a new car and see how it stacks up compared to both its competitors and cars you already own. Do you want to try out that new GT3 and see how it compares to your current one? With this, you’ll be able to do that while also tracking your inputs and how the car itself behaves to them. This app runs off of the in-game Telemetry feature to record this information and, as well as being viewable by you, it’s something that you can share with anyone on your VRS “Team” to compare notes ahead of big sessions such as the many endurance races available on iRacing.


irFFB is a must-have app for iRacers. It’s a great add-on that makes the transition to iRacing from another sim like Assetto Corsa Competizione even smoother. irFFB is a way to customise your Force Feedback even more than you can with the in-engine settings, with the biggest reason for getting irFFB being its “SoP” factor. Literally meaning “Seat of Pants”, it uses the same Telemetry feature in iRacing as VRS’ Logger to add extra forces that you would usually feel through the seat to the feedback you get through the wheel. Not only is it something a bit more familiar to those coming into iRacing from other sims, it’s also a great way to really feel the limits of the car without splashing out on running something like a Buttkicker.

Crew Chief

Okay, technically we’re cheating with this one. Crew Chief is a must-have for all sim racers, not just in iRacing. The way it works is simple: it looks at the information in your current session and feeds it back to you in place of your normal crew chief. The information it gives is incredibly comprehensive, telling you not only that somebody’s spun but also who has spun and where. Many people also use Crew Chief for its work in Assetto Corsa Competizione, which is also exemplary, but today we’re talking about its use in iRacing. And, as you can see from the rest of this list, this app is very simply a must-have.


iRacing’s “black boxes” are incredibly useful, but they’re also a bit limiting. With the one that comes with the engine, you can only have one of the many features on-screen at any given time such as your relative standing to other cars, overall standings, car info, and session info. RaceLab allows you to have several of these on-screen at once, as well as adding little extra pieces of info that can prove incredibly helpful. One such example is on the relative and standings, where you can find the iRating for your rivals as well as calculations for what your iRating might be after the session. If you’re having any problems constantly flicking through the boxes and getting the right information on the screen, this solution will fix that once and for all.


Is shifting gears the big issue for you? Soundshift plays a beep when you reach the upshift point in your car. You might not get the clearest of hints in your car, with different cars having different displays that each means a different thing. Soundshift can be tailored to each car and, on top of that, be adjusted even more to meet specific gear ratios and engine tunes. Some drivers in the real world use it to help them finesse their skills too, so it’s not as if this is something just from video games!


What is SIMRacingApps? Put short, it’s a way to be able to get a HUD running on other devices over the internet. Available on its website, you can use SIMRacingApps to put your HUD on a tablet or a smartphone. If you’ve got your view set up so you can’t see the car’s dashboard, or you want something a little bit more uniform than trying to figure out each and every different dashboard, then this is the app for you.

iRacing Stats

As a website, iRacing Stats lets you know how which races are best to head to and when. By tracking the number of drivers that enter into a race, as well as the number of overall starts in a series either by week or by season, it’s a good way to figure out if that next piece of content that you’re looking to pick up is worth the purchase or if you’re likely to end up in a bunch of races that fall short of the numbers required for an official race.

Kutu’s iRacing Browser Apps

Okay, technically this isn’t one app but rather a collection of them. Available on Kutu’s website, you have a variety of tools at your disposal that rival the best that you can find in other programs such as RaceLabApps. An extensive fuel calculator allows you to see the ins and outs of the gas in the tank, whereas a setup comparison tool allows you to see which setup is better where, and the helmet overlay feature gives that extra touch of realism to those racing in VR by giving them a full-face helmet that comes up in front of their face.

These 10 apps are the absolute best if you’re looking to take the next step with your iRacing experience. If you’re looking for more hints at tips for iRacing, make sure to stay tuned or look through our articles on Coach Dave Academy. We also have a variety of setups updated weekly for series such as IMSA and GT3 Open series and an entire iRacing setup subscription to give you the best setups for your racing.

If you buy something from a Coach Dave link, we may earn a commission.

  • Written By Cabhan Budd
  • Tutorials
  • Data, iRacing

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iRacing car setups?

Gain the upper hand with super fast iRacing setups, developed by Pro Sim Drivers.

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10 Must-Have Free Apps for iRacing

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10 Must-Have Free Apps for iRacing (6)

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10 Must-Have Free Apps for iRacing (2024)


What apps work with iRacing? ›

10 Must-Have Free Apps for iRacing
  • What are iRacing apps? Apps for iRacing are essentially mods. ...
  • Trading Paints. If you ask anybody on iRacing what “that one app” is that everyone should have, it's Trading Paints. ...
  • VRS Telemetry Logger. ...
  • irFFB. ...
  • Crew Chief. ...
  • RaceLabApps. ...
  • Soundshift. ...
  • SIMRacingApps.

What do you get for free on iRacing? ›

We provide all of the cars and tracks needed to run official Rookie series. Any additional tracks/cars will need to be purchased. We do this so you can pick and choose which cars and tracks to get, and don't end up paying for things you may not want or use.

How to get telemetry in iRacing? ›

Start an iRacing driving session and before you start driving, hit “ALT + L” to turn on the telemetry logging feature.

How to make iRacing look better? ›

Be sure to uncap your frame rate and start with the max quality setting, and check what your frame rate is. You usually want to aim for whatever your monitor's refresh rate is. So for instance, if you have a 60hz monitor, you'll want to be getting at least 60fps.

Can you use Oculus on iRacing? ›

Simracing takes on a whole new look with a Virtual Reality headset! iRacing is compatible with the most popular VR headsets including models from Oculus and HTC. VR headsets literally put you in the drivers seat and provide an incredibly immersive online racing experience.

Can I make money iRacing? ›

It Pays to Race: Earn up to $10 per season ($40 per year) of iRacing Credit for Race Participation in Official Series Race Participation Credit Program – Details Member needs to participate in 8 different race weeks out of 12 week season in a specific official series.

Can you sell your iRacing account? ›

iRacing does not recognize the transfer of Accounts. You may not purchase, sell, gift or trade any Account, or offer to purchase, sell, gift or trade any Account, and any such attempt will be null and void.

Is iRacing worth it for beginners? ›

iRacing includes superb baseline setups for all cars and tracks that are perfect for beginners. They're not particularly fast but are very stable and forgiving at the limit. You can load these setups from the setups menu when you're in the garage.

Do you need 3 monitors for iRacing? ›

First, you will need 3 monitors set at the same resolution. It is recommended, but not required, to have three monitors of the same make/model, though scree... TABLE OF CONTENTS Background Info Windowed Mode Full-Screen Exclusive Mode Advanced Tips If Using Curved Monitors Why doesn't my G-SYNC work...

Can you just practice on iRacing? ›

From here, you can select a Practice, Time Trial, or Race session. A Practice session is like a test session with other drivers. Once you get a feel for the car and track in your test sessions, jump into a Practice session to see how you fare in a race environment with other cars on the track.

Do you have to buy every track on iRacing? ›

Only Pay For What You Use

We are priced the way we are so we fit into just about anyone's budget and everyone receives the same premium service no matter what they can afford. You don't have to buy all the cars and tracks at once and, in fact, many people never buy or very slowly buy additional cars and tracks.

Is there a track map in iRacing? ›

The Track Map Component will display a Track Map and overlay all driver positions on to the map. Components are imported directly from within iRacing Live Timing. In iRacing Live Timing press F4 to open the Remote Control Tab and then F2 to enter Edit Mode.

How much does a track cost in iRacing? ›

Tracks can cost as much as $14.95 for each individual one, with cars costing $11.95 for each individual one. This can add up very quickly if you don't plan what you want to race.

What platform does iRacing use? ›

iRacing runs exclusively on windows PCs.

What VR works with iRacing? ›

When it comes to choosing the best VR headset for iRacing, the Pimax Crystal, Oculus Rift S, Valve Index, HP Reverb G2, HTC Vive Pro 2, and Pimax Vision 8K X are all excellent options, catering to different preferences and priorities.

Is the iRacing Companion app legit? ›

Are you looking for a reliable race schedule and stats app for iRacing that will inform you about upcoming races? An iRacing schedule app that will let you add race reminders and sync your account on multiple mobile devices via the cloud? Meet the iRacing Companion App – the official companion app of iRacing members.

What does iRacing require? ›


For the CPU, iRacing requires a quad-core at a minimum, and iRacing specifically calls out the AMD FX-6300 and Intel Core i5-4430 as minimum. For a GPU, iRacing needs a unit with 2GB onboard, and cites the Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 or ATI Radeon HD 7850.


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