Marriage licenses, recent births and more: The latest Erie County vital statistics (2024)

Marriage licenses issued between June 24-28 in Erie County

Al-Dhabyani, Ahmed Mohsen Hussein, 50, 203 Zoerb Ave., Cheektowaga, NY; Al Waqedi, Amal Mohamed Nasser, 52, 203 Zoerb Ave., Cheekto, WA.

Baughman, Bryce Bergstrom, 22, 1698 W Grandview Blvd; Young, Mackenzie Paige, 23, 1698 W. Grandview Blvd.

Bemis, Wyatt Logan, 23, 99 Rt. 426, Clymer, NY; Warner, Dakota Lee, 25, 99 Rt. 426, Clymer, NY.

Campbell, Stephen David, 24, 105 Banff Drive Apt. 2, Edinboro; Blum, Sarah Elizabeth, 24, 105 Banff Drive Apt. 2, Edinboro.

Chantes, Guevara Agustin, 52, 526 E. 7th St.; Galindo, Ariza Lucelva, 46, 526 E. 7th St.

Ewiak, Robert Aaron, 55, 13770 County Line Road, Corry; Rose, Jillian Kathryn, 41, 13770 County Line Road, Corry.

Fraschetti, Dale James, 37, 1224 W. 22nd St.; Whiteman, Kelli Lyn, 34, 1224 W. 22nd St.

Grychowski, Antoni Joseph, 34, 1022 Lookout Drive; Deimel, Erica Helen, 33, 1022 Lookout Drive.

Hoyt, Jeffery Von, 66, 8660 Williams Road, North East; Snyder, Pauline Marie, 61, 32 W. Hight St., Union City.

Kovacs, James Francis, 61, 124 Oakridge Ct.; Johnson, Catherine Maria, 60, 124 Oakridge Ct.

Levesque, Brandon Charles, 30, 3002 Raspberry St.; Fails, Amanda Renee, 30, 3002 Raspberry St.

Machinski, Justin James, 36, 8910 Route 6N, Albion; Erlandson, Emelie Anne, 36, 8910 Route 6N, Albion.

Malyuk, Steven James, 39, 55 Mindi Ct.; Roache, Nichola Danielle, 41, 55 Mindi Ct.

McShane, Jeffrey Peter, 61, 8115 Station Road; Beyer, Gertrude Gerard, 57, 8115 Station Road.

Milley, Benjamin Woods, 29, 809 New Jersey Ave. SE Apt. 717, Washington, DC; Rowane, Alexa Lee, 29, 809 New Jersey Ave. SE Apt. 717, Washington, DC.

Morrow, Herbert John III, 34, 7260 Homeview Lane Apt. 101; Shaffer, Erin Elizabeth, 36, 7260 Homeview Lane Apt. 101.

Moseley, Timothy Shawn, 48, 5728 Bryant St.; Eberlin, Melinda Sue, 43, 5728 Bryant St.

Ordos, Jared Donovan, 26, 206 Chautauqua Blvd.; Tobin, Katherine Margaret, 25, 206 Chautauqua Blvd.

Oster, Joseph William, 38, 48 Wall St. Floor 1, North East; Kennelley, Crista Marie, 35, 48 Wall St. Floor 1, North East.

Rankin, Theodore Gerhard, 26, 3503 Greengarden Blvd.; Andraso, Lydia Mae, 24, 3503 Greengarden Blvd.

Riley, Tobiah Joseph, 24, 4112 Crestmont Ave.; Wygant, Mackenzie Lee, 24, 4112 Crestmont Ave.

Shannon, Clay Michael, 25, 1949 Freeport Road, North East; Olyer, Mary Noel, 23, 1949 Freeport Road, North East.

Slaughter, Jacob John, 20, 113 Baer Drive Apt. 11; Koenig, Madison Erin, 19, 5788 Iroquois Ave., Harborcreek.

Smith, Jerahmy Richard, 37, 102 Stonehaven Drive Apt. 11, Edinboro; Jordan, Sarah Lynn, 38, 102 Stonehaven Drive Apt 11, Edinboro.

Spaeder, Jeffrey James, 46, 3140 W. 12th St.; White, Jennifer Marie, 38, 3140 W. 12th St.

Tereshchuk, Aleksandr, 31, 12251 Skyview Drive, Edinboro; Korets, Viktoriia, 23, 12251 Skyview Drive, Edinboro.

Trimmer, Dennis Allan, 70, 35912 Porter Ave., Union City; Wotring, Rebecca Lynn, 72, 35912 Porter Ave., Union City.

Weldon, Luke Preston, 38, 12824 Sanford Road, W. Springfield; Edwards, Julie Marie, 24, 12824 Sanford Road, W. Springfield.

U.S Federal Court Bankruptcy

Gordon, Kristin Leigh 151 Hutchinson Drive, North East 24-10334-Jcm 18-Jun-24 13.

Keiper, Amy C. 2119 Downing Ave., 24-10340-Jcm 20-Jun-24 7.

Markham, Melisa 3208 Glenwood Park Ave., 24-10341-Jcm 20-Jun-24 13.

Pabellon, Jennifer M. and Carmelo 2612 Pennsylvania Ave., 24-10339-Jcm 20-Jun-24 7.

Rosado, Carmen A. 2806 Reed St., 24-10332-Jcm 17-Jun-24 7.

Slater, Wesley 716 East 35th St., 24-10333-Jcm 18-Jun-24 13.

Watson, Kathleen L. 5747 Old French Road, 24-10338-Jcm 20-Jun-24 13.

Divorces in Erie County

Oliver, Darcie vs. Oliver, David

Wayne, Bruce vs. Wayne, Tara

Pattison, Timothy vs. Pattison, Summer

Russell, Jacob vs. Christian, Aja

Yudt, Steven vs. Yudt, Kaleigh

Zipp-Cleaver, Julie vs. Cleaver, Jesse

Kennelley, William vs. Kennelley, Paula

Mineweaser, Karen vs. Mineweaser, Albert

Goard, Linda vs. Goard, James

Wardrop, Nicole vs. Wardrop, Christopher

Clarke, Darcy vs. Clarke, Bridget

Evans, John vs. Evans, Shannon

Gray, Tameko, vs. Gray, Marcus

Howell, Ellen vs. Howell, John

Kitts, Nicole vs. Kitts, Michael

Thorton, Ryan vs. Thorton, Jade

Anschutz, Lindsay, vs. Anschutz, Tyrel

Bucholtz, Dara vs. Bucholtz, Kyle

Adams, Dailene vs. Adams, Christopher

Bixby, Brian vs. Bixby, Jennifer

Carideo, William vs. Carideo, Heather

Wellman, Michael vs. Shauberger, Mary

Drakulic, Kristen vs. Drakulic, Jason

Giroux, Joseph vs. Giroux, Melissa

Graves, Robert vs. Fisher, Catherine

Rounds, Wesley vs. Shatzer, Erica

Schwartz, Jesse vs. Schwartz, Nicole

Sirak, Mary vs. Sirak, Michael

Mattis, Colleen vs. Mattis, Oriana

Perez, Cherise vs. Perez, Jose

Massari, Vrianna vs. Heise, Michael

Kline, Stefanie vs. Kline, Shane

Johnson, Leah vs. Tingue, Jason

Hughes, Christopher vs. Hughes, Amanda

Gaines, April vs. Gaines, Amorie

Acquah, Naomi vs. Madden, Gio

El-Farouki, Melanie vs. El-Farouki, Cam

Thorton, Maryanne vs. Thorton, Shawn

Allen, Jennifer vs. Allen, Timothy

Rand, Sandy vs. Rand, Jerome

Singleton, David vs. Olmstead, Jennifer

Miller, Steve vs. Miller, Jamie

Pierce, Krystel vs. Robinson, Cecil

Gromov, Michael vs. Gromov, Veronika

This article originally appeared on Erie Times-News: Recent marriages, more Erie County PA vital statistics

Marriage licenses, recent births and more: The latest Erie County vital statistics (2024)


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